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Professional Speakers: Tips for Marketing, Presentation Skills, Speech Development and Product Development

Google Alerts:

Here is a cost effective speaker tip: Use Google alerts as your no charge outsourced research department.


Visit www.google.com. At the top above the search box, you will notice the word "more" and to the right there are two small arrows. Click on "more" and a little box will appear. At the bottom select "even more" and there it is, top left-- Alerts.


You can set as many Google Alerts as you want and you can remove them any time you want. How can you use them?


1. For future speaking engagements, set up a Google Alert for your client's name. This way you will have all the up to date information on them right up to the time of your gig.


2. Set Google Alerts for specific keywords that relate to your topics of expertise. This way you will have viewed all the up to the moment information on your topic which will truly help you to be an expert on your topic.


3. Set a Google Alert for your name. Know what others are saying about you and your work. And, know when your articles are being published electronically.


Don't wait! Set your Google Alerts today.


Internet Article Banks:

I have a comment on information in the 3/9/07 SpeakerNet News eZine.

Patricia Wiklund's submission:

"www.Submityourarticle.com is both inexpensive and expansive. For a low monthly fee they will submit your articles to lots of article aggregator sites all over the Web in your area of expertise. They take care of determining the best sites for your focus area, the formatting, and the distribution. Takes a bit to set up, but not hard, just making sure you are connected with the aggregator sites. Then it is all about your submissions. (And writing good articles.)"

I checked out the price at Submityourarticle.com and below is what is listed at their Web Site:

"You can submit up to 8 articles a month for the current low price of $37.00 per month. That works out at just $4.63 per article submission. So, for less than five bucks, you can get your article in front of thousands of potential website and eZine publishers. That's far less than most eZine and solo ads (and not to mention far more effective)."

Submityourarticle.com states that they will submit your articles to:


My recommendation is that you do it yourself rather than pay $37.00 a month. I find EzineArticles.com (listed above) to be one of the best Internet article banks and you can submit your articles to them at no charge and have complete control of your account.

Here is something to consider when using submission services--they will control YOUR NAME at the various article banks, keeping you from personally opening accounts in YOUR NAME, some time down the road.



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