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Ed's "Selling to Associations Intensive" March 23-25 in Richmond, VA

Ed's "Selling to Associations Intensive" June 8-10 in Long Beach, CA

Ed's "Selling to Associations Intensive" September 21-23 in Raleigh, NC

Ed's "Selling to Associations Intensive" November 30-December 2 in Jacksonville, FL

Ed's "Selling to Associations Compressed Intensive" December 8 in Honolulu, HI

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NSA Illinois November 9, 2012

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Ed Rigsbee Leads the Yearly Cigar PEG Charity Events at the National Speakers Association's Convention 



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I have built my career primarily through article publishing. My articles are easily found in trade association publications throughout North America. It is an idea that works well for me, and perhaps, would work for you. My  system titled, Paid Association Bookings Through Article Publishing will quickly get you jump-started in the business of professional speaking. The system is reasonably priced and will shave years off your learning curve. 

I frequently deliver a half-day and full-day seminar on this topic for chapters of the National Speakers Association and chapters of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

I designed this system for you, the professional or emerging speaker, trainer or consultant that wants to accelerate his/her career through the conduit of article publishing. I have found this to be an instant road to credibility.

Simply stated, "If you are serious about the speaking business, you must own and use this system!"


Ed Rigsbee's Simple Surefire Method for Getting Paid Association Bookings Through Article Publishing for only $300

There is one negative personality element that many professional speakers have in common; a distaste for selling themselves to clients. Many a (potentially) great speaker have left the industry because of an inability and unwillingness to pick up the phone and make sales calls. I have been using this system (that I developed) of no cold calling for nearly 20 years. 

Stick to the basics and business will come your way. The basic idea is to write articles intended for trade and professional publications (I am pre-supposing that you have great content). Connect first with the editors of trade and professional publications, via phone and email. Freely give them your work, yes at no charge. Build an outrageously successful relationship with them and then let the editors be your bridge to the meeting planners. And, the by-product is additional business; corporate decision makers will read your articles and call you to speak at their meetings. Follow the plan and you will get association bookings.

$300: Access to Ed's downloadable eBook, MP3s, and other resources for successfully selling to trade associations and professional societies.



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What Professional Speakers have to say about Ed Rigsbee, CSP:


Click on photo to listen to Frank Furness after hearing Ed Rigsbee present at the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers' meeting in Kuala Lumpur

Click on photo to listen To Jimmy Weldon, the last living cast member of the Yogi Bear Show

"When I met Ed Rigsbee, the only thing I wrote was checks. I currently write a weekly nationally syndicated column on relationships for Scripps Howard News Service which runs in over 150 papers and has recently become a book published by New Harbinger (Emotional Fitness for Couples). I also write a monthly business psychology article which has appeared in over 200 publications and been directly responsible for getting me dozens of speaking gigs. Rigsbee taught me everything I know about getting articles published. If you don't take advantage of this class you are holding back your career, do it now."

Warm Regards,

Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Author of Emotional Fitness for Couples - 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship
Nationally Syndicated Columnist - Ventura County Star/Scripps Howard News Service
Radio Talk Show Host - KCLU/NPR (Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara)
Psychotherapist, Business Consultant and Speaker

E-mail: Barton@BartonGoldsmith.com
Web Sites: www.BartonGoldsmith.com
Phone: 818-879-9996
The Landing at Westlake Village
32129 Lindero Canyon Road, Suite 210
Westlake Village, CA 91361

"Ed has a system that WORKS! He explained how to submit articles to publications to get them published - and it worked! The first week I implemented his system I had 4 positive responses. That's 4 magazines that selected a variety of articles that I wrote and they published! Thanks Ed for your 100% on target advice." 

-Zelda Greenberg, July 2010 




Thanks so much for coming to the centre of our vast country [Canada] to share your knowledge and experience with us - it is greatly appreciated!


Your ability to cut to the chase and help each of the people in the workshop was so helpful - it is hard to see the forest for the trees when it is your "baby" and you helped us do just that.


The expertise you have from your many years of consulting, sales and as a speaker means you know what we are experiencing and that was so evident in your presentation. A big thanks for ensuring that you brought us practical knowledge that we can take and implement today - the very next day after our meeting.


On behalf of our membership and our guests [CAPS-Saskatchewan], a big thank you for helping us get to the next level.




Sherry Knight, President
2301-15th Avenue   Regina, SK   S4P 1A3
Phone: 306-586-2315, 800-303-2315
sherry@dimension11.com   www.dimension11.com

Hi Ed!!!!



That's about all I can say about Saturday. [CAPS Vancouver meeting on January 13, 2007]

I was fundamentally impacted by our professional and social discussions Saturday. 

I wanted to take a moment to provide you immediate feedback and to thank you for all of your efforts, expertise and asskicking!

All the way home I pondered two thoughts...

    It must suck getting up at 4am! (how was the flight?)

    and, I gotta do some things differently!

I said to Derek (in an earlier message) that I am always amazed at how impactful one persons presence can be in a meeting, gathering or experience.

Your candid and honest message had that impact on me.

I look forward to seeing you again in the future!!!

Take care.....

With thanks, Jeremy


Jeremy Heighton
President / Developmental Leader
WOW Leadership Training Services
1590 Happyvale Place
Kamloops, B.C., V2B-7T9, Canada

Intl: 011-1-250-554-WOW-0 (9690)  -  North America (Toll Free): 1-866-554-WOW-0 (9690) 

Email: Jeremy@wowleadership.ca  -  Web: www.wowleadership.ca

"Ed, you delivered one of the best presentations on publishing I've ever attended--and I've attended a great many. Your suggestions on moving ideas into published articles are steeped in experience and presented in a highly useful format. In particular, your ideas on setting up an article for and working with editors were right on target. Thank you for sharing your extensive skills, knowledge and expertise in such an entertaining style." 
Dr. Paul G. Schempp 
Performance Matters, Inc. 
809 Commons Park 
Statham, GA 30666 
(770) 725-9199 

Hi Ed:


I really enjoyed meeting you at CAPS Vancouver ...I got some great ideas from you; I have written a new article already and have a strategy for moving forward with Associations. Your insights were most helpful.


Thanks again, Ed

Ron Coleman

More Money; More Fun


Your Million Dollar System


“After hearing Ed Rigsbee speak, I followed his advice and submitted an article to a healthcare association magazine. A Fortune 500 company called and invited me to speak. It lead to my doubling my fee. Thank you, Ed!”

Eli Davidson, Speaker, Author (Funky to Fabulous), Coach





Thank you for your guidance and assistance!  Being able to tap into your experience and expertise has been incredibly beneficial to advancing my speaking business.  Let me share just some of the gains from our time together.


  • I realized an immediate increase in my speaking income by raising my fees closer to where they should have been based on a better understanding of the market segment I have been serving.

  • I gained a better understanding of the differences between various markets and the need to adapt my promotional and pricing approaches to them.

  • You helped me to identify a huge, entirely different market opportunity that has been right in front of me for years that I had overlooked.

  • You helped me better understand how to capitalize on my experience for credibility, suggested a very marketable topic area based on that credibility, and provided guidance on marketing approaches and pricing.

  • You helped me to get focused back onto the areas where I have experienced the most success and quit wasting my time and energy in other areas.

  • Additionally, the refreshed confidence and enthusiasm I gained from your coaching has resulted in an increased number of bookings and new cliental.

Whether someone is just getting started in the speaking industry, or they are a seasoned pro seeking coaching to refine and advance their career, I strongly recommend they take advantage of your depth of knowledge and clear direction to succeed in speaking!


Jeffrey B. Owens

Transcend Inc.

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Ed Rigsbee is awesome!  I have been a member of NSA since 1982 and have heard the best - and worst - speakers in the world.  Ed is in the top, top group.  He provides solid content that is valuable for both experienced and newer speakers.  He is a real professional to work with, and a fun guy.  He will be a real asset for your meeting."


Rita Makana Risser Chai, CSP


Dear Ed,

Thanks for showing me how to surface the latent assets which I already possessed - namely my articles.  Your advice enabled me to streamline my marketing effort in getting more of my articles published.  Last week over the phone, a editor asked me for an article and within one minute I directed him on my website where he selected one of my articles for publication in  his newsletter.  He was real impressed because everything he needed was there! Ed, I really appreciate your systematic approach to a marketing strategy that really works. 


Steve Coscia, President

Coscia Communications Inc.

"Ed was fantastic and he's really easy to work with as a speaker.  His program was a "roll-up-your-sleeves-and-learn-useful-information" type of program. 
I highly recommend bringing him to your [NSA] chapter.  He spoke for us about 18 months ago and people are STILL referring to his program as information they use to promote themselves.  You won't be disappointed." 
Kirstin Carey
The Orange Tree Network
(610) 450-4334
www.OTTSG.com - "A  business and sales presentations resource."
www.MyCreativeBiz.com - "A resource for creative folks to find their entrepreneurial strength."


Thank you for an excellent presentation. It was filled with valuable information, advice and insights. Also thanks for the suggestions regarding my article on customer service. The afternoon session gave me a great start on that article and tips on how to write others. 


Donna Satchell, Starr Consulting & Training

Stone Mountain, GA

Good day Ed! 


This is Charles Parrish from Saturday's GSA meeting in Atlanta.  We met just as you were finishing lunch and my wife Kathy and I stayed for the afternoon session.  I LOVED your presentation, both for the TON of information and how you kept things moving so well I was amazed when it was 3:01 PM.


Dr. Charles Parrish, Navigator Consulting Group

Grayson, GA


Thanks very much for coming to Atlanta and sharing your knowledge with us. Saturday's meeting of the Georgia NSA was my very first exposure to the NSA at any level and you made it very special for me. I learned a great deal from you and am already implementing some of your ideas. Thanks for the kick in the pants.  Bill

Bill Hickman
President, The Gyst Group


"It was not until recently that I had a chance to finally hear the beloved head of the CIGAR PEG Ed Rigsbee speak to my NSA Chapter. Suffice to say his visit to FSA/NSA a few months ago turned into a major "ah-ha" moment for me. I work a great deal with medical associations and found myself listening very attentively to what Ed was saying to the group. My first reaction  was to mumble to myself "it can't be this simple."  However, I'm always willing to let a "wise sage speaker" show me easier ways to get to the Promise Land
of bookings so I filled out the order form for his workbook.

The package arrived a few days later and I read the binder cover to cover and started to apply his suggestions. I'm humbled to admit that in just a few short weeks, I've secured requests for articles on my area of expertise and have received several inquiries about my speaking at upcoming Conferences.

Ed does more than smoke cigars. He is truly a treasured resource for speakers that want to expand their business into the association

Thank you Ed!"

Robert Stack
The Comeback Coach®
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

If your [NSA] chapter members want success, I would highly recommend Ed Rigsbee for your program. He has a system that will successfully allow your members to tap into the association market. Ed did not come into our chapter to 'sell' as a lot of speakers do. But after meeting Ed and learning from what he taught, I signed up for his mentoring program (which by the way he talked very little about).
He is certainly an expert in his niche.
And remember...Encouragement is a thumbs up to the soul!
Jay Rohman, Ambassador of Encouragement, www.Encouraging101.org





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